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Borgarbraut 16, 350 Grundarfjörður | kt.: 520169-1729 | Sími: 438 6630 | Fax: 430 8501 | Netfang:

 Grundarfjörður town 1786-1836


Grundarfjordur was one of the first urban areas in Iceland to receive the right to do commerce in 18th of August 1786. It became a trading centre for Snaefellsnes 1786, one of six in Iceland that The King of Demark nominated. The others were Reykjavík, Ísafjörður, Akureyri, Eskifjörður and Vestmannaeyjar.


Around 1800 Frenchmen settled in Grundarfjordur with their shipping fleet and left in 1860. They constructed a church and a hospital of their own on the townsite.


Grundarfjörður became a certified retail location in 1897.

Grundarfjörður harbour was constructed in 1942 and is considered one of the best natural harbours on the peninsula so it should not come as a surprise that the main source of income is fish and fish processing. Other services and industry are growing as well and in recent years tourism has become very important.

A painting by Collingwood in 1897