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FrÚttir - Nřlegt safn
S÷gumi­st÷­in - The Saga Centre Grundarfir­i  Prenta sÝ­u

S÷gumi­st÷­in Grundarfir­i


The Saga Center


 The Saga Center Grundarfir­i

email: alda (at) grundarfjordur.is

email: bokasafn (at) grundarfjordur.is

Grundargata 35

t. 438 1881 


Open daily from 9am to 5pm during summertime.

Winter opening Monday - Thursday from 2pm to 6pm


The Saga Center Grundarfj÷r­ur
The Saga Centre is a tourist information centre, library,

Internet point / WiFi, a cafÚ and small exhibitions rolled

into one. They sell national park maps and helps with

information regarding the SnŠfellsnes peninsula and

other inquiries.


Established in the same building are BŠringsstofa

photo museum and The Saga Center exhibition.

BŠringsstofa is a photo museum that offers guests to

sit down and watch a slideshow of old photos from

Grundarfj÷r­ur, bringing them back into the days of old.





The Saga Center exhibition displays an old

fishing boat and gear plus a children's toy collection

from the latter part of the 20th century.

The boat Brana was buildt in 1913. It is six oars rowboat,

typical for Brei­afj÷r­ur area, made of oak and pine wood.

Later there was innstalled a motor. The Brana is surrounded

with fishing gear and other utensils​ for farming.

١r­arb˙­ is a toys collection from the fifties.

The exhibition is an imitation of a small shop owned by

١r­ur Pßlsson who owned and drove the bus that went by

schedule between Grundarfj÷r­ur and ReykjavÝk 1946-1966.
The convenience store was just a relatively normal shop

until Christmas. Then it changed into a toy shop.

Toys were collected from households and Ebay.

On a shelf  are sea shells and animal bones that were used

as childrenĹs toys in past centuries.​

Both museums are free of charge and are open

from 09-17 every day during the summer and

Winter opening Mondays - Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm.​



CafÚ Emil is open during summer.


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Grundarfjar­arbŠr Borgarbraut 16, 350 Grundarfir­i | kt.: 520169-1729
SÝmi: 430 8500 | Netfang: grundarfjordur@grundarfjordur.is
Opi­ alla virka daga kl. 10-14.
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