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Where gentle breezes blow


Grundarfjöršur is a growing community on the fjord Breišafjöršur near the midpoint of the northern coast of Snęfellsness peninsula. The site is characterized by a unique climate and unusually beautiful surroundings. Fishing is the chief industry in Grundarfjöršur, half of the town's working population being employed in this sector, although other services and industry are growing as well. The town is considered unusually beautiful and well-kept and has received several awards for its neat appearance.




The geology of Grundarfjöršur is unusual, as it spans the entire geological history of Iceland. Volcanic activity is thought to have begun here about 18 milion years ago, dying out about 6 million years ago. The volcano Raušukśla ķ Helgrindum is about 3000 years old.




Harbour and fishing

The harbour is the district's lifeline. Excellent harbour facilities and favourable natural conditions have encouraged the growth of the fishing sector. Well-established fishing companies operate in Grundarfjöršur. They possess quotas for a variety of species, which means that fishing activity is evenly distributed throughout the year. The industry has been developed with a view to the future, and today, Grundarfjöršur's harbour is one of the 10 largest quota-fishery harbours in the country, and the largest demersal catch in West Iceland is landed here. The entrance to the harbour in Grundarfjöršur is secure and easily navigated. Minimum depth at the main pier for ocean-going vessels is 6 metres at low tide. The range of services available to ships has grown as the fleet has expanded and harbour activity increased.



Social and cultural activities

Grundarfjöršur has long enjoyed a stable employment situation, which has created a positive atmosphere and strengthened community life. Cultural and social activities thrive in the town with the active participation of both local residents and the district's rural population. Sports activities are popular: the riding club has built excellent facilities, and there is an active gold club with a good nine-hole course. A parents' association called Tilvera has been active in local school activities for many years. The group has attracted national attention and received awards for its successful work with young people. The town boasts three restaurants, each with a different emphasis: Kaffi 59, Krįkan and Hótel Framnes are all known for excellent food, service, and the various social events that add variety to the town's social life. The relatively long distance from the capital has encouraged local residents and visitors to create and enjoy their own town atmosphere without the noise and stress of city life.



Tourist services


Nature, community life, and the area's history have attracted many tourists from both Iceland and abroad to Grundarfjöršur. The opportunity to enjoy natural beauty in such peaceful surroundings is considered a privilege by those who normally have to cope with the noise and bustle of city life. People who enjoy the beauty of the fjord and take an active part in the life of the community welcome the absolute relaxation that this peaceful district offers. The town is probably the only one in the world where the building authorities have provided allotments for the "hidden people" or elves. Grundarfjöršur residents hold their annual summer festival, "Good Times in Grundarfjöršur," on the last weekend in July.



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